Alternative ADD/ADHD Treatment:

It has been documented since the early 1970's that poor diet and food allergies could be related to ADHD, or that there could be improvements in an ADHD individual by putting them on a specific ADHD Diet. Often ADHD individuals have physical symptoms as well that could be due to food allergies such as, asthma, chronic ear infections, migraines, eczema, chronic infections, etc. Dr. Benjamin Feingold made the original claims that certain foods and food additives could trigger ADHD, and when he tested this diet with his patients he found success. He claimed that 30 to 50% of his ADHD patients benefited from his ADHD Diet (free of artificial colorings and salicylates). As the ADHD Diet Information and the word of Dr. Feingold's success became widely known, skepticism and controversy emerged.

The first study that supported Dr. Feingold's ADHD Diet Information in 1976 found that at least 4 out of 15 children diagnosed with ADHD improved on a diet free of artificial colors and flavors. Many breakfast cereals, candies, chips, breakfast bars, ice creams, boxed macaroni and cheese, canned ravioli's, sodas, and pretty much everything your child loves to eat contains artificial colors and flavors. Our Standard American Diet (SAD) consists of processed foods, red meat, refined carbohydrates, food additives, soft drinks, and fried foods. With that said, it is a good idea for the whole family to follow an ADHD Diet.

ADHD Diet Information:

Since An Individual With ADHD Could Be Having Adverse Reactions To A Specific Type Of Food,
We Suggest Cutting These Foods From Their Diet For Two Weeks.

These Foods Include:
All Foods With Food Colorings All Fruit Juices All NutraSweet Products All Processed Meats
All Pasturized Dairy Products All Sugar Products All Aspartame Products All Fried Foods
All Yellow Foods (Bananas Are O.K.) All Candy Products

After the two weeks, you can begin adding these foods back into your diet. Add one food type every couple of days. If the ADHD individual has a reaction to that food in the form of: red splotches, red ears, or an explosive temper outburst, then eliminate that food from their diet indefinitely. A reaction should show within 4 days. If there is no reaction, then you may add that food back into their normal diet. Keep a journal of the behavior before and after the ADHD Diet, then you can see when problems arise and what foods were eaten at that time. If a food is eaten by mistake from the banned list, do not worry; just get back on the diet.

ADHD Diet Information Tips:

Before accepting a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD, we should rule out conditions that show similar symptoms.

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