The Adrenal Clock Keeps The Body In Synch

You will likely find the most help in pursuing adrenal axis problems with your alternative medicine practitioner. Alternative medicine routinely gives a lot more attention to the nutritional and lifestyle issues that are associated with stress and the adrenal cortisol connection.

The adrenal glands are two small glands one of each which sits on the top of each kidney. They secrete a number of hormones, the most well known being adrenaline which you will remember is the emergency hormone which enables people to do miraculous feats of strength such as lifting a car off a child. The adrenals also are involved in secretion of DHEA, and get involved in the cycling of sex hormones as well. They are a primary gland in metabolism of sugar and can be involved in hypoglycemia. The problem is, they are capable of becoming stressed out with their function becoming insufficient or even exhausted. The scope of severity can range from a simple excessive craving of sugar to full blown anxiety attacks. The type of stress that leads to adrenal problems is usually more of a chronic nature as opposed to some type of high stress emergency. For example, long-term stress such as financial troubles, marital troubles, work troubles, or chronic physical illness, long term use of Prednisone or physical disability can cause a constant drain on the adrenals leading to stress related symptoms. The adrenals can also be over stressed by severe physical trauma such as severe burns or automobile accidents.

The Symptoms Of Adrenal Axis Stress And Cortisol Imbalance
Are Very Similar To Hypoglycemia And Are Typically Characterized By:
Panic Attack Adult ADHD Family History Of Diabetes Chronic Fatigue With Letdown
Depression Fibromyalgia Constant Hunger Lightheadedness Upon Standing
Headaches Shakiness Craving Sweets Feeling Better After Eating
Anxiety Attack Lightheadedness Craving Caffeine Frequent Heart Pounding
Craving Sodas Muscle Tension

There are a number of diagnostic tests available to your physician for detection of adrenal axis stress. They include:

The typical nutritional approach for adrenal stress is a low sugar, complex carbohydrate diet similar to that of hypoglycemia. Supplementation usually includes B complex, especially B5 (pantothenic acid) and B6. Vitamin C is important as well as herbal support for the adrenals such as glycyrrhinized licorice.

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