Arsenic Is A Cancer Causing Element

One way to test for arsenic poisoning is by checking hair follicles. If arsenic is within the bloodstream, it will enter hair and remain there for many years.

Because arsenic is a deadly poison, If it is ingested, it is suggested that 5 charcoal tablets be ingested immediatly in order to help soak up the arsenic and then pass it through your system naturally. Also, eating food with sulphur such as eggs and onions help to neutralize arsenic in a natural, nonchemical way. There are many chemical and synthetic methods that are now used to treat arsenic poisoning. It is extremely important to contact poison control or to call the emergency services (911) immediately. You should not, under any circumstance, treat presumed arsenic poisoning by yourself.

Arsenic can be found in a majority of well used items from laundry detergent to water. Arsenic has been know to cause many problems in third world countries where ground water supplies have been contaminated by a leak of arsenic from iron refining plants or other workshops which rely heavily on arsenic to refine metals.

Some famous people have died from arsenic poisoning. Some others have suffered from arsenic poisoning. This includes Clare Boothe Luce, (1903 to 1987) the American ambassador to Italy in the years just following World War II. Although she did not die from her poisoning, she suffered an increasing variety of physical and psychological symptoms until arsenic poisoning was diagnosed, and its source traced to the old, arsenic laden flaking paint on the ceiling of her bedroom. Another source explains her poisoning as resulting from eating food contaminated by flaking of the ceiling of the embassy dining room.

Chelation therapy is commonly used to remove toxic heavy metals from the body. Arsenic Chelation therapy shortens the distribution of arsenic in the blood and reduces the body burden. It can reduce the risks of serious delayed effects, but chelation does not reverse damage from the delayed effects of acute arsenic poisoning. BAL, DMSA, and D-penicillamine are the primary drugs used to remove arsenic. Chelation therapy with BAL by injection is the primary form of treatment for acute arsenic toxicity. The oral chelating agent DMSA is also an effective treatment choice.

Arsenic is also used in agricultural pesticides and chemicals used to preserve wood. The residue from these applications can be washed into rivers, lakes and underground water supplies. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has reduced the safe drinking water standard for arsenic in your water to 10 parts per billion (ppb). That standard -- a dramatic decrease from the current standard of 50 ppb -- goes into effect in January 2006. The agency reduced the level it currently allows in water because newer scientific studies found the old standard did not protect people exposed to arsenic for many years. While the new standard is lower, It's certainly not enough to eliminate all the risk of cancer and other side effects. Your exposure to arsenic in past years could cause problems to your health later in life. That's why the EPA set a goal of zero as to the amount of arsenic that should be in your water. But their goal is not enforceable.

Lifetime Risks Of Dying Of Cancer From Arsenic In Tap Water
Based Upon The National Academy Of Sciences' 1999 Risk Estimates
Arsenic Level In Tap Water Approximate Total Cancer Risk
Assuming 2 Liters Consumed Per Day
0.5 ppb 1 in 10,000 - Highest Cancer Risk EPA Usually Allows In Tap Water
1 ppb 1 in 5,000
3 ppb 1 in 1,667
4 ppb 1 in 1,250
5 ppb 1 in 1,000
10 ppb 1 in 500
20 ppb 1 in 250
25 ppb 1 in 200
50 ppb 1 in 100

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