Blood Irradiation:

Also Known As: UVB Therapy (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation)

UVB Ultraviolet Therapy has many similar effects to Ozone Therapy. Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Therapy is a medical therapy where the blood is exposed to Ultraviolet UVC light as it is removed from the patient's body, and then reintroduced to the patient's body.

In Addition To Treating A Myriad Of Ailments
UBI Provides The Following Benefits:

Blood Irradiation Therapy has few side effects and the beneficial effects are long lasting. It is easily combined with other medical therapies and is economical, dependable, and gentle for the patient. Blood Irradiation Therapy has been used in humans since 1928 when it was first used in Germany on a woman dying of sepsis (a usually fatal bacterial infection of the blood). She was cured in 2 days.

What Is The Process For UV Blood Irradiation Therapy?

During a session of UV Blood Irradiation, a doctor will remove 60cc to 200cc of blood. This is a very small amount of blood. The blood will be exposed to an anticoagulant, to prevent it from clotting, and then passed through a quartz container, usually a cuvette, while it is directly exposed to UV light. The blood will be agitated during this process in order for the UV light to fully penetrate the sample of blood. Once the blood has been sufficiently exposed, it is returned to the patient's blood stream. This procedure is completely painless and safe for the patient.

There are no negative side effects associated with UBI. Sometimes patients experience a faint "flushing" sensation for an hour or so after the treatment. Others have noted a very mild nausea and/or flu-like systems for a short time but this is a sign of the toxins and disease being flushed from the body. There have been no harmful side effects nor has the original condition preceding the treatment ever been exacerbated.

The quantity of UBI sessions a doctor prescribes is related to the health status of a patient, the seriousness of the disease or condition being treated, and the length of time a patient has suffered from the condition. It is often used in conjunction with Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy to maximize the benefits of oxygenation on the body's cells.

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