Cannabis Oil:

Cannabis Oil Is Not The Same As Hemp Oil
Hemp Oil Has A Lesser Amount Of CBD And A Lesser Amount Of THC (0.3%)
Cannabis Oil Has A Greater Amount Of CBD And A Greater Amount Of THC

This Information Is From Green Relief And Includes Medical Uses For CBD Oil From Marijuana

Our research is intended to inform people of medical press releases, information regarding the benefits of medical marijuana, legal issues and anything else that we find important on the subject.

We hope that you will find the information helpful. The more I learn about medical marijuana the more I feel I need to learn. Our blog is intended to help you find information. We welcome your input to add to our blog. We want people to be healthy and aware of choices in choosing how to best direct themselves in their medical needs. Information is a valuable tool in the proper decisions. Hopefully you will find what you are looking for here. If not please request information and from our sources I will answer your questions.

Medical Marijuana & CBD Oil Claims By "Green Relief" On Their Website 6/8/2017
Brain TumorBreast CancerCancerCannabinoidsCannabis
Cannabis OilCBDChemotherapyChildrenChronic Pain
Crohn's DiseaseDepressionDiabetesDiseaseDravet Syndrome
Endocannabinoid SystemEpilepsyFibromyalgiaGeneral HealthGlaucoma
Huntington's DiseaseInsomniaInsuranceIrritable BowelLeukemia
Medical MarijuanaMedicineMigrainesMuscle SpasmsNausea
OsteoarthritisPancreatic CancerParkinson'sPetsPremature Baby
Prescription MedicationsProstrate Cancer,PTSDResearchSeizures
Sleep ApneaTHC

Cannabis Information: Green Relief

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