What Is Dioxychlor?

Dioxychlor is a natural antibiotic that kills bacteria by supplying generous amounts of oxygen to bacteria that normally thrive in little or no oxygen. It is an effective antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal product. By administering Dioxychlor, the immune system is assisted in carrying out the normal body process of defense against invading microorganisms, with little or no toxicity to normal tissues. Research studies from around the world indicate that the product is extremely effective when used on the following conditions: Gum inflammation (periodontitis); Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV); Candida Albicans; Immune System Problems. Dioxychlor Formula: A specially formulated homeopathic-dilution of oxidized natrium chloride containing biologically important trace minerals.

This product contains no sugar, starch, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors and is yeast, corn, rice, milk and gluten-free. When using DC3 internally, always be sure to simultaneously be taking a lactobacillus acidophilus product. It may be used sublingually, 2-20 drops 2-3 times daily. Hold in your mouth as long as possible before swallowing. Use 4 days & stop for 3, then keep repeating this on/off dosing. Start at lower dose and gradually increase as needed. Dosing varies greatly. Sensitive individuals may need to start with 1-2 drops in 2 oz water & build up to 20 drops. Others with more resistant ongoing dysfunction may need doses up to 40 drops in water.

May be used as a nasal douche for fungus or other problems in your sinus/nasal area, or used in your ears for ear fungus. Mix 5-20 drops of DC3 in 1 oz of Cooper sterile saline contact lens solution (1/2 physiological saline;) place in an appropriate squeeze bottle & apply once daily. It inhibits the growth of disease bacteria in water: Add 10 drops per gallon of water.

Insect bites: Saturate a small piece of cotton or cloth & place on bite.

Cuts: Put a few drops directly on cut.

Preserve freshness of milk: Add 20 drops per quart. Milk stays fresh 3-4 weeks.

Food poisoning/Amoebic Dysentery or Diarrhea: Add 20 drops in water; drink every 2-3 hours, three times daily.

Bacteria contamination on food (vegetables, seafood, poultry, pork:) Add 60 drops (3ml) to a gallon of water. Soak food for 10-15 seconds. When water becomes dirty, filter through a coffee filter and re-use. Keep water out of direct sunlight.

Dioxychlor - DC3 Theraputic Protocol
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