Dirty Electricity:

From: Natural News
Dated: 3/11/2012
By: Lloyd Burrell

Electricity has been a lifesaver for modern civilization and we would be lost without it; but, research has brought to light the existence of different kinds of electricity, namely clean and dirty. Clean electricity is safe electricity. Clean electricity has a smooth sine wave that goes up and down 60 times a second. Dirty electricity is electromagnetic pollution called transients and harmonics - operating in the 4 to 100 kilohertz frequency range - which contaminate the electrical supply.

This source of contamination can be brought into your home through ground and plumbing currents. Two experts in this field of study, Dr. Magda Havas, an associate professor and researcher at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario and Dr. Samuel Milham, MD, MPH, researcher, author of Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization, and recipient of the Ramazzini prize, are big proponents of the existence of dirty electricity.

Researchers And Their Findings
Dr. Magda Havas Has Studied Dirty Electricity Since 2003
Some Of Her Findings When Dirty Electricity Is Removed

Dr. Milham's findings led him to contact higher-ups in the military and the government, with no response. This prompted him to author his book. Dr. Milham's work found correlations between communities using little or no electricity and those using dirty electricity. The communities exposed to dirty electricity had a much higher incidence of many chronic diseases and other health afflictions.

How Does This Happen?

The body is an electrical being. Every cell, tissue, and organ transmits information through tiny electrical currents which are disturbed by these high frequency fields, setting the body up for disease.

When Suffering From Exposure To Dirty Electricity The Symptoms Are Wide Ranging And Diverse.
These Symptoms May Manifest Through:
The Skin Sleep Disturbances Muscle Pain Joint Pain
Migraines Physical And Mental Exhaustion Light Headedness Nausea
Irritability Numbness And Tingling Muscle Spasms Pain In The Lower Extremities
Anxiety Loss Of Cognitive Function High Temperature

The Creation Of Dirty Electricity

An example of how dirty electricity is created stems from how cell phone towers utilize energy. The towers operate on direct current. However, the electrical current supplied to the tower is in the form of an alternating current; therefore, the supply needs to be changed or converted. This is accomplished using an inverter. Inverters interrupt the alternating current and are a source of dirty electricity. This dirty electricity is put back into the power supply lines, which in turn, can enter a building through their electrical wiring.

Dirty electricity also affects electronic equipment.

Exposure In The Average Home Comes From:
Cell Phone Chargers Computers Office Equipment Television Sets
Dimmer Switches Wireless Technologies Energy Saving Devices Electrical Wiring In Walls
Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Avoiding Exposure

Dirty electricity is everywhere. Undiagnosable illness can be a result of exposure to this source of electromagnetic pollution. Implementing these changes may eliminate symptoms, thus eliminating illness. Limiting or avoiding exposure to dirty electricity is beneficial for everyone, avoiding sickness in the first place.

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Lloyd Burrell has spent the last 10 years researching the effects of EMFs on health, after becoming electrically sensitive in 2002. He now offers advice and strategies on healthy living in our electromagnetic world. Download his free EMF Health Report and subscribe to his newsletter by visiting his EMF protection website.

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