Heart Bypass:

When we have had poor nutrition for many years we tend to clog up our arteries with plaque. Allopathic doctors will tell you they need to prescribe cholesterol-lowering drugs to prevent heart attack or stroke. The fact is heart drugs often cause heart disease. Bypass surgery will temporarily correct the problems with clogged arteries. Without a life-style change, however, the arteries will just clog up again.

There is a natural way to correct this problem, that was discovered at Harvard and has been around since about 1950. This natural bypass is called EECP ( Enhanced External Counter-Pulsation ). It has been called the natural bypass, because it causes the heart to grow new arteries to replace your clogged arteries. This method should be tried first, before opting for heart surgery. This natural bypass triggers the spontaneous growth of new arteries and that will give you a greatly improved quality of life. This procedure is done over several weeks on an out patient basis. Life style change is also necessary, as would be the case with open heart surgery. It has been called the natural bypass because it:

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For people who have had a documented heart attack:
Heart Disease (Chelation Therapy Trials) - U.S.A.

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