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MMS: How Does It Work?
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Why Doesn't It Also Harm Normal Body Cells?
What Do Chlorine Dioxide Ions Do In My Body After I Drink MMS?

This article describes a universal antibiotic that appears able to destroy on contact some or all of the viruses and bacteria listed on the "Chart of Pathogens."

Even one drop of the Master Mineral Solution produces significant chlorine dioxide that targets germs, bacteria, and viruses while at the same time causing no damage to normal living cells. This ability of MMS to kill virtually all known pathogens has been known for over 70 years prior to Jim Humble's research. His contribution was to discover and establish a method for safely packaging and dispensing MMS so that the beneficial chlorine dioxide can be made available internally for the immune system to actively kill and remove unwanted pathogens.

Before penicillin there were sulfa drugs. Before that there were home spun remedies involving silver, gold, arsenic, blood letting, herbs, and mustard poultices that made farmer's almanacs colorful. Elixir bottles were sold door to door in the distant history of most countries and it continues today on the internet and email spam. The world searches for a magic health bullet. In some states 12 vacination injections are given to children soon after birth, continuing annually through the early school grades. Even with the best efforts of pharmeceutical scientists, diseases still flourish and large segments of the population are handicapped by diseases.

You were born with an ingenious antibacterial agent. Your immune system automatically uses HEAT to destroy viruses and germs. HEAT is the body's native defensive way of killing pathogens. Raise the body temperature high enough and many pathogens will die from the heat.

Your liver is also part of the intelligent immune system. While the brain provides ways for understand data coming in through eyes and ears, the liver has remarkable intelligence about body chemistry. It contains more blood than the heart or the head. With accuracy it differentiates between pathogens that harm the body and other nutrients that are acceptable or good to have in the blood.

It's memory of prior diseases and former battles with flu, measles, mumps, even strange viruses that were fought off in the past, that bio chemical memory is the basis for the immune system to release macrophage blood cells that crawl around in the extra cellular fluids of your body and gobble up microbes.

Left alone the immune system is a remarkable virus slayer, so effective that you survived to read this page after hundreds of ancesters before you. MMS will be shown to be yet one more highly effective weapon that the immune system craves and welcomes.

While not approved for use in the United States, there are clinics in Germany where they claim to cure cancer based on controlled and cyclic raising of body heat. It's published that President Regan went to Germany for this treatment, while desiring no publicity. We can't do this to outselves experimentally in a sauna because we don't have the equipment or skill to know what temperature limits are safe, nor the depth to which heat has penetrated the body. Carefully directed (but dangerous) microwaves may be part of the German heat therapy since their methods are not openly published.

MMS (chlorine dioxide) appears to be the ultimate magic bullet that empowers the immune system maybe 1,000% at assist the battle against pathogens and diseases. To understand how MMS can destroy most if not all body pathogens on the chart above (and without the use of heat) you must understand how MMS is superior to other "too aggressive" oxygen therapies.

There are many clinical strategies for using increased oxygen to destroy pathogens. Germs can't live in the presence of pure oxygen. They become "oxidized" meaning that electrons are pulled from the walls of viruses or bacteria in the presence of excessive oxygen. Oxygenation is a common clinical method of killing cancer cells. Most cancers and tumors consist of cells that have stopped using oxygen to sustain their inner workings. Such cells commence rapid reproduction, using blood-sugar as the mechanism for wild unregulated growth. But,if strong oxygen can be directed to them, they collapse and vanish due to oxidation - similar to rusting.

Oxygen, however, is TOO AGRESSIVE. In pure form it will kill living cells just as easily as cancer cells. In the case of ozone which is even more aggressive, you can point a stream of O3 at a rubber glove and it will quickly vaporize a hole through the glove. Use of oxygen in hope of killing pathogens or cancers require very cautious application. Some clinics have a sealed chamber where a patient can sit in an environment of slightly raised oxygen and raised pressure in hope that over time the person will be "oxygenated" throughout, thus killing pathogens and cancerous cells.

You are probably familiar with the 79 cent brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide - water that has extra oxygen compressed into it. On the label it encourages users to brush their teeth with the peroxide, but also there are warnings. You should avoid keeping peroxide in the mouth more than a minute or two. It's very effective in killing germs in the mouth and around the teeth. It removes yeast and sulfur producing germs from the back of the tongue. Canker sores usually go away. The resulting foam in the mouth is probably more effective than bubbly toothpaste, and fluoride in toothpaste is a well known poisonous waste, now shown since 2002 to be ineffective in preventing tooth decay. But continual use of peroxide as a mouthwash will eventually leave you with dead rotting flesh on the surface of the tongue. The bad taste and bad breath won't go away until you stop using peroxide for a while.

Also we should not drink peroxide or take it internally because free radical oxygen, if distributed into flesh, fat, or muscle, is destructive to living cells. That's why we take various anti-oxidant tablets ranging from ascorbic acid to antioxident capsules. Unbound oxygen, adrift in flesh is harmful to living cells and can destroy them or maybe toggle them off into cancerous forms.

What we need is an oxygenating agent that kills pathogens specifically while doing no harm to normal human cells. MMS or chlorine dioxide is that agent.

Over 340,000 people have purchased MMS (Master Mineral Supplement), because it precisely eliminates body pathogens without harming normal living cells. Chlorine dioxide in the blood is not aggressive like oxygen, that is until It's attracted to a pathogen. Costing one or two cents per dose people mix it in the kitchen and drink it down. If used according to instructions, evidence shows that virtually total detoxification can be achieved as early as four days and up to two months depending on body chemistry, current state of health, nature of germ infestations, nature of illness (if any), and persistence of the user.

Persons who follow and grasp the logic of the following paragraphs will have a basis for using MMS experimentally, observing their body's response as bacteria, viruses, parasites, and most heavy metals are removed from their bodies. We acquire pathogens without knowing it. They're the root cause of most diseases, suffering, pain, and mysterious ailments.

If you aren't involved with MMS yet, the health benefits and testimonials are certainly amazing. This writer receives calls from people who can't contain their gratitude for unexpected improvements in health. Hundreds of testimonial statements about health recoveries are on hand and will be posted shortly. Many people who hoped for a specific improvement, reported that other minor ailments disappeared also. Click On This "READ STORIES" Button.

How Does ClO2 Do Its Magic?

Now For The Explanation.

As the gas is slowly released in the stomach, red blood cells pick up some of it. It looks like oxygen to the red blood cells. The blood has already come from the lungs where the normal amount of oxygen was picked up, but there are always some red cells that are looking to pick up oxygen and they happily pick up the chlorine dioxide gas and carry it throughout the body.

The blood carries the gas and the gas has no attraction to normal body cells. The gas is "hungry" to find any object that has electrons to give up. Upon coming near any virus or pathogen, with sudden magnetic force it snaps into contact with the germ ripping four or five electrons from the wall of the pathogen. The internal parts of the pathogen fall apart unprotected by the normal outer shell. The fragments float away in the blood stream and eventually reach the liver where the intelligent liver sorts and marks the fragments as TOXINS to be sent to your elimination systems.

What happened to the molecule of chlorine dioxide that did the killing? That MMS molecule in most cases cannot proceed to do more killings. Its appetite for electrons was satisified. It instantly transforms into two molecules of water and one molecule of salt (sodium chloride). We are not talking about water DROPS or salt crystals here. These are molecules. If you know the difference you won't be worried that you'll get too much salt in your blood. The salt on one potato chip would be something to keep you awake at night - not this single salt molecule. Blood has a normal salt level slightly less than sea water most of the time - it is essential and necessary.

Each ClO2 gas molecule is self sacrificing. It is used up after one or two killings. Unlike drug store pills where you expect a chemical or drug to do a thousand things before being used up, this ClO2 gas gets used up rather quickly. Jim Humble was thoughtful in formulating MMS so that it continues to SLOWLY produce the gas for up to 1.5 to 2 hours allowing a slow, deliberate cleansing effect over time.

Instructions are clear - start with one drop (mixed as above) morning and evening. Some agressive people jump in with 5 or 8 drops. This is risky because nausea and diahrea can hit suddenly. MMS can produce more floatsum and jetsum garbage in the blood than the elimination system can handle. Start slowly. Otherwise you'll be blogging somewhere saying that you were already sick and MMS made you sicker, SO START SLOWLY PLEASE.

The second day mix two drops with ten drops of vinegar or citric acid - drink it anytime - morning, noon, and evening. A precise schedule is not a factor. Whenever the ClO2 gas is circulation, pathogens will gradually be cleared away. don't proceed too rapidly. Most people are certain that nothing's happening - but they are wrong. MMS WILL FIND heavy metals, germs, yeast, fungus, and parasites and it is killing them - slowly - and your body is keeping up with the elimination of the garbage remains.

Each day that you move up one drop, MMS is clearing the way for the next day's increased dose. By proceeding slowly, there are some people who gradually get up to 15 drops even three times a day and maintain that for a week without nausea. It depends on the state of your health and how extensively you were infested with pathogens. Also, It's up to you how many hours per day you want ClO2 in your blood stream. More is better, provided you don't tire of it and quit before you should. If you experience the slightest bit of nausea, slow down. Read the article about avoiding nausea altogether at MMS-Articles

MMS is less aggresive than oxygen. As you increase dosage, the gas is produced for only 1.5 to 2 hours. However, each day it goes further in your body because other pockets of pathogens were cleared yesterday. Diseases involving auto-immunity such as gravis, HIV, and others take longer to eliminate but eventually they yield to ClO2. Blood borne diseases like malaria disappear from the blood in 10 hours to four days.

In Summary, How Does MMS Work?

It "oxydizes" specific types of virus structures and cells - specifically only those that have electrons that can be plucked from its walls. As though struck by lightening, viruses crumble, bacteria collapse, yeasts disintegrate, skin moles crumble, heavy metal molecules float away, herpes expresses itself one last time and vanishes.

MMS was Invented and packaged for internal use in 2001 by Inventor Jim Humble. Between 2001 and 2006 over 75,000 human volunteers demonstrated the amazing ability of MMS to rid the body of virtually any and all viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast, and poisons. Now It's available on the internet for general use. A few doctors have begun to use MMS in their clinics claiming that MMS boosts the immune system. It radically detoxifies the body in ways similar to competing oxygen therapies but without harming any living body cells.

For 70 years chlorine dioxide gas was used to eliminate bacteria from garden vegetables, and to purify city water supplies. It is the preferred method of removing anthrax from wherever it needs to be excised. It's used to bleach paper, and to detoxify ships, train stations, restrooms, and as a powerful deodizer. Now that we can take it internally as packaged in the MMS bottles, we are demonstrating that the immune system craves MMS and uses it like a bullet to target virtually every known pathogen.

As the Jim Humble International Foundation springs into action - probably in September 2009 - various research programs will be funded that lend further proof to the experiential evidence we receive every day regarding health improvements and apparent healings from diseases. Future news letters will keep you informed about this exciting MMS discovery and its implications for all mankind.

Please visit the Jim Humble Foundation Web Site Jim Humble Foundation

In summary, Jim Humble formulated a way to produce chlorine dioxide in slow release form within the stomach. Beginning in 2001 many people who were doomed with malaria or TB were rescued and brought back to disease-free health by using MMS for pathogen removal. Those who follow the inventor's dosage and mixing instructions (posted at end of article) there is hope for recovery from all sorts of illnesses.

The Author Of This Article Is Joni Bell

Sodium chlorite has had its share of controversy in the short time is has been popular although it has been kow for many, many years.

It is considered by some as a "pathogen terminator". It is known that MMS is a simple, yet all-prevailing remedy for nearly every pathogen-borne disease recognized to mankind. All this started because Jim Humble, the person that discovered what is now known as MMS by experimenting with a current substance called stabilized oxygen. He was trying to help some collegues that got malaria in a South American jungle. He found success accidently. Malaria is caused by a protozoan parasite, this disease causes the death of over one million people each year.

Now this is something that is really hard to believe! It appears that this MMS which actually is sodium cholorite mixed with an activator is actually 100 times stronger than stabilized oxygen.

Malaria is not the only disease that it has been successful in treating. It's also good for: hepatitis A and B, herpes and the list goes on and on.

We wanted to bring the good news that new supplements are being discovered every month. you're not going to find it a your local drug store, CVS or Walgreen's.

The chemical signature for sodium chlorite is NaCIO2. MMS seems to boost the immune system beyond any one other supplement current in the marketplace. Jim Humble, a major advocate of MMS, has written a book of all the positive benefits it has for humankind.

A new law enacted by congress gives the FDA the right to require that all supplements be tested to prove their efficacy. That means that the FDA can stop any supplement at any time and require testing. It could cost up to $100,000,000 for a single supplement. More than 900,000 people die from drugs each year so ask yourself, "Do you think the FDA has the right to force the testing of natural supplements?". This will effectively force them off our of the marketplace and leave with only drugs with all the horrible side effects you hear about on the TV advertisements.

MMS really works by killing bacteria and viruses in the body which allows the human immune system to overcome disease.

Now a bit about chlorine and chlorine dioxide. Chlorine and chlorine dioxide have been used to purify water and kill pathogens in hospitals and for many other antiseptic uses for more than 100 years. Chlorine dioxide is authorized by the FDA to be used to clean chicken, beef and other foods.

Research has proven chlorine dioxide to be much safer than chlorine, as it is selective for pathogens when used in water and it does not create compounds from other constituents in the water, which chlorine does. It has been proven that chlorine in drinking water creates at least three different carcinogenic compounds when it enters the body.

The American Society of Analytical Chemists stated in 1999 that chlorine dioxide was the most powerful pathogen killer known to man. From all this we definitely know that chlorine dioxide is made in the body from sodium chlorite and it then kills a lot of pathogens. Therefore we definitely know that chlorine dioxide is made in the body from sodium chlorite and it then kills pathogens and tends to neutralize poisons.

Another benefit that sodium chlorite has is with teeth and gums. If the teeth and gums are brushed with a solution of sodium chlorite, it has been shown that any infection, soreness or bleeding of the gums will disappear. The teeth will become more healthy and strong. Abscessed teeth have been sucessfuly treated.

Probably the most important use of chlorine dioxide is to purify water and thousands of water purification systems utilize chlorine dioxide throughout the world. In water purification systems it is selective for pathogens and other bioorganisms that might be harmful to larger animals and humans. It does NOT combine with hundreds of constituents with which free chlorine will combine.

Free chlorine will combine with several items found in most water systems and will create carcinogenic compounds. Throughout the world today sodium chlorite (the formula is NaClO2) is probably used to generate chlorine dioxide more often than any other method. For the formula for chlorine dioxide we merely remove the Na which is sodium, and we have chlorine dioxide, ClO2.

So maybe you are wondering, "How does this ""sodium chlorite"" work anyway in our body's ?" - It's kinda scientific, but here goes. In the formula CIO2, there are two oxygen ions (O2) and because they have a minus charge, they have already done their oxidizing before they arrived in the body. They cannot oxidize any further. But the chlorine combined with oxygen can.

When chlorine dioxide touches a pathogen or a poison that is acidic in nature, it instantly accepts five electrons. It destroys anything that it can draw electrons from and generates heat at the same time (this action is called oxidation even when oxygen is not a part of it). The oxygen atoms are then released from the chlorine dioxide, but they are not elemental oxygen. They are ions of oxygen with a negative two charge. They are at the same charge as the oxygen in carbon dioxide, a gas that will kill you if you breathe enough of it.

The carbon dioxide is not a poison. In other words it doesn't do anything to the lungs; it is sort of like drowning. It prevents the lungs from getting the elemental oxygen that they need.

The basic idea is simply that oxygen and chlorine must be charged to the correct number of electrons, or they do not do the job of oxidizing. When oxygen is not capable of oxidizing it simply cannot do the job in the body that is required for oxygen.

What sodium chlorite really does for us is it gives us chlorine dioxide, a chemical that selectively destroys almost all bad things that might exist in the body. Each tiny chlorine dioxide molecule has tremendous power to destroy those things from which it can draw electrons, but it does not have the power to draw electrons from healthy cells or aerobic bacteria.

Remember, it ultimately aids the immune system and a strong immune system is what keeps us healthy and disease free.

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