Muscle Testing:

Also Known As Applied Kineasiology

Muscle testing is a process, to find out if food or supplements that you take, are appropriate for you. When testing supplements, the quantity is only one part of the test. However, the supplement itself may not be appropriate. The information given below, is a step by step procedure to follow.

Some Alternative doctors are able to do muscle testing, on the supplements, that you take and some supplements that they recommend.

Basic Guidelines

Testing Procedures For The Brain Response Test

The procedures are given for testing your friend's left arm. The right arm may also be tested. Both you and your friend stand with your feet firmly placed about one foot apart. Face each other's left shoulder, not squarely at each other. Your left palm is placed firmly on your friend's right shoulder in order to stabilize it and provide a good circuit. His right arm is at present hanging free. Your friend's left wrist will be fully flexed whenever testing. Your friend's left arm is carefully aligned. First raise it straight out to the side, palm down. Place your right palm on the top center of your friend's left wrist. Keep your friend's flexed wrist cupped in your palm. Next place your finger on the ramus of the jaw (the notch on the side of the jaw bone) of your friend. Keep the arm straight, then test. This is the "Brain Response Test Position" (BRT).

Press gently on your friend's wrist while he resists. You are not trying to overpower each other, or to pull muscles. Be gentle. Practice testing, resisting several times until you work as a team. Resist with exactly the same effort each time. Do not vary your resistance or your pressure! When you test, say, "Resist" and press down firmly, gently, and smoothly for one second, with just enough pressure to move the arm at least 6 inches. You will note that his arm will instantly respond and "lock" in position (if he is in a reasonably healthy condition). With most people this pressure will be from ten to twenty pounds.

This is an art so use sensitive perception! Test many times. Do not hold the arm in this position too long because your friend will tire easily. If his arm is very weak in this position, massage for thirty seconds, one inch under his or her navel, and both of you roll your heads around in a large circle, three times clockwise and three times counter-clockwise, slowly. If his arm is still weak, check for foods, colors, or clothing that is harmful, or after shave lotion, deodorants, etc. A vigorous rolling of the shoulders is also advantageous sometimes. If nothing else works, try spinning around in a clockwise direction three or four times.

You are ready to proceed to test foods and or supplements. Place the foods and food supplements very near so that you do not need to change positions in order to reach the item to be tested. Your friend will now place the food or food supplement in any of three locations:

Each of these locations has a high degree of sensitivity to all types of nutrition. This is not true of any other point on the body, according to our years of research. You can now proceed with the BRT. Touch (and hold) the ramus of the jaw of your friend. Keep the arm straight, then test. This is the "Brain Response Test Position" (BRT).

If you have many products or foods that strengthen you, you may calibrate by asking the question "On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being not very important at all and 10 being extremely important, this product calibrates at 1 or better? 2 or better?" until you get a negative. Do this for each product and you will know which products are the most important to be taking. You may want to test for quantities. Say, "Do I need 1 or more of these per day? Two or more? Three or more?" until you get a negative. The previous answer is what you need. You can also test for times per day "Once? Twice? Three Times?" It is very important to recheck whenever in doubt. Practice! Practice! Practice! You will notice that most food supplements will fail when using the BRT Test. This is why so many people do not feel better even though taking vitamins and herbs. There is a difference in quality! Test to be sure! Your health and usefulness can be at stake.

Points To Remember

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