Natural Anti-Virals:

The Following Are Some Of The Natural Anti-Virals
Compounds (Foods, Herbs) That May Be Effective Anti-Virals
(Some Are Linked To The Applicable PubMed Document):
St. Johns Wort Vitamin E Apple Juice Astralagus Root Resveratrol Honey Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Vitamin C Vitamin D Green Tea Chocolate Echinacea Zinc Oil Of Wild Oregano

A Note On Echinacea -- Echinacea is thought to be effective for regular seasonal flu. PubMed does not have a restriction regarding H1N1, however their findings suggest a possible increase in Cytokine Storm with Echinacea and H591 -- Avian Flu.

The Following Are Some Of The Other Natural Anti-Virals:
Burdock RootHorseradishLicoriceTanseyVitamin AGarlic
Colloidal SilverPau D'ArcoGingerOnionProbioticsCoQ10
Grapefruit Seed ExtractBlack ElderberryOlive LeafHabaneroSeleniumScullcap

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