Nickel Is Carcinogenic And Can Cause Cancer

Nickel is found in products that contain stainless steel. Some of the products are used by all of us every day. Stainless steel watch bands are in contact with the skin, for long periods of time every day. Due to this contact, nickel from the stainless steel is absorbed, through the skin. Nickel being carcinogenic, accumulates in the body and is partly responsible, for some forms of cancer. Prostate and lung cancer are among them.

Another source of nickel is stainless steel in pots and pans. These cooking utensils also contain nickel in varying amounts. When cooking foods, nickel tends to leach out into foods and is therefore ingested, without notice.

Nickel is a silvery metal that resists corrosion even at high temperatures and for this reason, it is used in gas turbines and rocket engines. It is also one of the elements added to some stainless steels. Other important uses are in metal plating and coins. Some nickel compounds can cause cancer if the dust is inhaled, and some individuals are allergic to contact with the metal. Nickel cannot be avoided because we take in some nickel compounds with our diet, and it is an essential element for such plants as the navy bean, which is used for baked beans.

Nickel Information: Click Here.

Nickel Information: Click Here.

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