Nutrients / Minerals:

The Non Mineral Nutrients Are: Hydrogen - Oxygen - Carbon

The Macro Nutrients Are: Nitrogen - Phosphorous - Potassium

The Secondary Nutrients Are: Calcium - Magnesium - Sulfur

The Micro Nutrients Are: Boron - Copper - Iron - Chloride - Manganese - Molybdenum - Zinc

The Nutrients / Minerals that are generally considered (Essential Elements) are Boron, Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Phosphorous, Potassium, Selenium, Vanadium and Zinc.

When we are found to be deficient in even one essential nutrient / mineral, we will be diagnosed with at least one metabolic disorder. This disorder could be called cancer or hundreds of other metabolic disorders.

Here Are Some Of The Symptoms And Conditions Of Nutrient / Mineral Deficiency:
Allergies Sinus Congestion Fat Gain Thyroiditis Sjogren's Disease Auto Immune Disorders
Asthma Breast Tenderness Foggy Thinking Lupus Gallbladder Disease Decreased Sex Drive
Hives Cervical Dysplasia Fibrocystic Breasts Irritability Magnesium Deficiency Early Onset Menstruation
Rashes Cold Hands Hair Loss Hypoglycemia Sluggish Metabolism Increased Blood Clotting
Fatigue Cold Feet Memory Loss Insomnia Thyroid Disfunction Increased Stroke Risk
Headaches Thyroid Dysfunction Mood Swings Osteoporosis Accelerated Ageing Depression With Anxiety
Cancer Copper Excess Uterine Fibroids PMS Polycystic Ovaries Depression With Agitation
Infertility Dry Eyes Water Retention Bloating Irregular Periods Premenapausal Bone Loss

The Following Is A Partial List Of Nutrirnts With Dosages To Take Every Day.
Please Check With Your Alternative Healthcare Provider For Your Persolal Needs
Note: MG = Milligrams & MCG = Micrograms:
Dosage=2,000 MCG
Dosage=1,013 MG
Dosage=1,067 MG
Dosage=1,333 MCG
Dosage=267 MG
Dosage=3 MG

Dosage=33 MCG
Dosage=564 MG
Dosage=564 MG
Dosage=133 MCG
Dosage=1,333 MCG
Dosage=68 MG

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