What Is PNC-27?

PNC-27 is a synthetically created peptide (a piece of a protein) designed to specifically target and destroy cancer cells. It is a member of the PNC set of investigational proteins designed to attach to malformed (cancerous) cells and cause them to die through cell necrosis, all while leaving normal, healthy cells intact and unharmed.

PNC-27 was designed in 2000 using a supercomputer at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in New York by Dr. Matthew Pincus and Dr. Josef Michl. Originally created to fight HIV. It was soon discovered that PNC-27 would attach to and kill cancer cells, leaving healthy cells to thrive.

PNC-27 has been awarded multiple patents and has been the subject of numerous studies by the medical community.

PNC-27 Can Play An Important Role In An Overall Strategy To Fight Cancer.

It is most effective when used in conjunction with immune system boosters, proper hydration, and a vegan or near-vegan diet that avoids sugars and red meat.

Traditional cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation, poison the body in hopes of killing the cancer before killing the patient. As a result, many cancer patients succumb to the toxic effects of cancer treatments rather than the cancer itself.

Since PNC-27 is non-toxic, patients can eradicate a little bit of cancer everyday, while focusing on holistic health and wellness. When properly administered, PNC-27 puts cancer on the defensive, resulting in outcomes that include significant pain reduction and, in many cases lengthening of life.

How Does It Work?

When cells become cancer cells they lose the normal function of the p53 gene. This is the "repair or commit suicide gene". It spots trouble in the cells and mitochondria and either repairs the situation or destructs the cell. If the p53 gene is mutated and doesn't function, the cell just continues to divide.

In cancer cells, a protein, HDM-2, is also over-expressed and this is found in the cells, mitochondria and membrane of a cancer cell. It is never found in the membranes of healthy cells.

PNC-27 binds to HDM-2 in the membrane and the binding causes a tear or a hole in the membrane, allowing fluids surrounding the cancer cell to rush in. This results in the destruction of the cancer cell.

Importantly, research has been conducted with both solid and non-solid tissue cancers. And PNC-27 was effective in both.

And, PNC-27 has also been shown to be effective with stem cell cancer cells, which would make this treatment a potential breakthrough in cancer as no drug is currently known to kill cancer stem cells, the cells lying at the core of cancers.

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