Saliva Testing:

Hormone Balance

Saliva Testing is generally used for testing "FREE" bio-available hormones in the body. These are hormones that are ready to do work on a moment by moment basis.

The Following Is A List Of Hormones To Be Tested Based On Recommendations
By: Dr. John R. Lee, M.D.
For The Purpose Of Achieving Hormone Balance:

Hormone Saliva Test

This is a Saliva Test, that can be done at home and sent to the test lab. Tests for: Estrone, Estradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHT, DHEA
Women should also test Estriol.

In some states a prescription is required to get a Saliva Test. See your doctor for a prescription and fax it to one of the following labs. The lab will mail you the forms to fill out and a Test Tube to collect your saliva.

The Following Testing Labs Will Bill Medicare And Some Other Insurance Companies:

Labrix Clinical Services (Clackamas Or),, 800-656-9596 Or 800-631-7900

Diagnos-Techs (Kent, Wa),, 800-878-3787

ZRT Laboratory (Beaverton, Or),, 503-466-2445
ZRT LAB Is Not Recommended For Those Taking A Troche
ZRT Does Not Bill Medicare

Consumer Direct States That Do Not Need A Doctors Prescription:
Alaska Colorado Delaware Indiana Kansas Louisiana Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana Nebraska New Hampshire New Mexico Ohio Oklahoma South Dakota
Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Washington DC West Virginia Wisconsin

Hormone Results

The main thing we need to know after getting our hormone results, is what do we do to get them balanced?

The key to good health from a hormonal point of view is to supress Estradiol to between .5 & .9 pg/ml. Estradiol is between 200 & 300 times more powerful in the body than Testosterone or Progesterone. Therefore, when Estradiol is too high it takes about 200 to 300 times more Testosterone & Progesterone, to supress it to a safe level.

The Following Is An Example Only:

After getting a first (base) saliva test and are found to have the following results:

  • Example: Estradiol to be 2.0 pg/ml.
  • Example: Testosterone to be 75 pg/ml.
  • Example: Progesterone to be 25 pg/ml.
  • End Of Example

Because the Estradiol in this example is to high, we must increase our Testosterone & Progesterone to supress it to a safe level between .5 & .9 pg/ml.

If we multiply Estradiol (2.0 pg/ml) times 200 we have the low example of what our Testosterone & Progesterone should be or (400 pg/ml).
If we multiply Estradiol (2.0 pg/ml) times 300 we have the high example of what our Testosterone & Progesterone should be or (600 pg/ml).
Therefore, we need to have our Testosterone & Progesterone between 400 & 600 pg/ml, to supress Estradiol.

After the second Saliva Test your hormone prescription may have to be changed to acheive the desired Estradiol level.

Troche Verses Transdermal Or Oral Hormone Delivery Systems

The form of hormones that I take is a Bio-Identical Troche (pronounced trokey). The Troche is a small soft tablet that I hold in my mouth & let it dissolve for Exactly 15 minutets, before swallowing.
I recommend the following:

  • Take the Troche at the same time every Night start at 7:00 or 8:00 PM.
  • Take the Troche every night 7 days a week.
  • When testing, Always test 12 hours after taking the Troche. This will keep your results the same for every test.
  • After taking the Troche make sure you cleanse the pallet by eating and drinking prior to bedtime. This will prevent a hormone residue from entering your saliva test tube, on the morning that you test. If there is residue because you did not cleanse your pallet, your test results may be skewed.

Another way to take hormones is by using a Bio-Identical Transdermal Cream. Transdermal Creams are less effective than Troche's and take about 20 minutes to rub into the skin. Transdermal Cream's have been found to enter your spouse through the skin by transference. Also keep in mind that the Transdermal hormones have been found everywhere in the home & car and can transfer to your children.

The least effective way to take hormones is in a Bio-Identical Capsule. The reason it is the least effective is because it has to go through the digestive system. The digestive system robs about 85% of the hormones before they enter the blood stream.

When getting subsequent tests about every two months (until balance is acheived), follow the same recommendations as stated above.

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