Stress Disorder:

Stress is an inevitable part of life. Managing stress effectively is important for every person, but for the person dealing with chronic illness it is essential for optimal functioning.

There is good stress and bad stress. Even good stress can be difficult to deal with when one's resources are limited due to chronic illness. Stress is an inherent component of chronic illness, arising from the inevitable challenges, loss and limits it creates, therefore adding more than the average level of stress to one's life.

It is impossible to eliminate stress completely, nor would you want to, a certain amount of stress is healthy. The key is to find ways to minimize its negative impact on your life, cope effectively and reduce the excess.

Too much stress or stress that is not handled effectively can affect the immune system, therefore symptoms may become exacerbated or new symptoms may arise, keeping the immune system overwhelmed. It may also make you irritable and interfere in your quality of life.

Try To Incorporate Some Of These Stress Busters Into Your Life

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