Alternative Tinnitus Treatment:

Many tinnitus sufferers get some relief from supplementing with gingko biloba three times daily, zinc picolinate, copper, twice daily (but taken separately)and vitamin B12 injected twice weekly and folic acid. These have shown promise in lessening the severity of symptoms, but unfortunately there is no definitive cure for tinnitus. Some people have gotten relief from acupuncture, while others have tried white noise to drown out the disturbing ringing. Stress management techniques can also help patients deal more effectively with the problem.

Tinnitus is characterized by a constant undercurrent of ringing, buzzing, roaring, or other abnormal sounds in the ears. Gradual nerve loss in the part of the inner ear called the cochlea, is one of the most typical causes of tinnitus. This damage may be the result of advancing age. Other possible causes include exposure to loud noise, a build-up of ear wax, allergies, infection, trauma, high or low blood pressure, tumor, cardiovascular disease, or long-term use of certain medications, such as aspirin, quinine, and anti-inflammatories.

Listed below are some of the vitamins and supplements, that you should discuss with your Alternative Doctor.

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