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Dated January 30, 2006

Raise A Glass To Beer

Beer drinkers tend to get the short end of the stick. While wine connoisseurs are thought of as chic and sophisticated, beer drinkers are routinely portrayed as slothful, pot bellied creatures planted in front of TVs. In one memorable news story several summers ago, beer drinkers on working class Rockaway Beach in New York City were arrested (no open containers please), while the mayor sat comfortably ensconced among wine sippers at a philharmonic orchestra concert in Central Park.

But now there's good news for beer drinkers. It turns out that by and large alcohol is alcohol, and socioeconomic stereotypes aside, the health benefits of beer are not all that different from the benefits of wine. Of course the key word here is moderation and most experts advise no more than two alcoholic beverages a day for men and no more than one for women. So what's so good about beer?

Here's To Your Health

There is an increasing body of serious research, that backs up beer's benefits.

Proceed With Caution

Promising as all this research appears, talking about alcohol always requires special caution. It's all too easy to slip over the line from healthful consumption to overconsumption and physical damage, warns Dr. Denke. Yes, regular moderate consumption can benefit the heart, kidneys, bones and more. But, by the same token, drinking too much alcohol can seriously harm vital organs and processes in the body. While we all think of beer as having more than its fair share of calories, in fact it is not significantly higher than other forms of alcohol. As always, moderation in all things is the best path to follow.

This Chart Shows The Amount Of Alcohol, Caleries & Carbohydrates In Your Beer
BrandBreweryPct. AlchoholCalories Per 12 Oz.Carbohydrate (grams)
Anchor PorterAnchor5.6209
Anchor SteamAnchor4.915316.0
Anheuser Busch Natural LightAnheuser Bush4.2953.2
Anheuser Busch Natural IceAnheuser Bush5.91578.9
Aspen EdgeAdolph Coors4.1942.6
Blatz BeerPabst4.815312.5
Blatz LightPabst8.5
Blue MoonAdolph Coors5.417113.7
Bud DryAnheuser Busch5.01307.8
Bud IceAnheuser Busch5.51488.9
Bud Ice LightAnheuser Busch4.11106.5
Bud LightAnheuser Busch4.21106.6
BudweiserAnheuser Busch5.014510.6
Budweiser SelectAnheuser Busch4.3993.1
Busch BeerAnheuser Busch4.613310.2
Busch IceAnheuser Busch5.916912.5
Busch LightAnheuser Busch4.21106.7
Carling Black LabelG. Heileman4.313812.5
Colt 45 Malt LiquorG. Heileman6.117411.1
Coors Banquet BeerAdolph Coors5.014210.6
Coors LightAdolph Coors4.21025.0
Genesee BeerHigh Falls Brewing4.514813.5
Genesee Cream AleHigh Falls Brewing5.116215.0
Genesee IceHigh Falls Brewing5.915614.5
Genesee RedHigh Falls Brewing4.914814.0
George Killian's Irish RedAdolph Coors4.916313.8
Hamms BeerMiller4.714412.1
Hamms Golden DraftMiller4.714412.1
Hamms Special LightMiller4.11107.3
Keystone PremiumAdolph Coors4.41085.0
Keystone LightAdolph Coors4.21045.1
Keystone IceAdolph Coors5.91436.6
Leinenkugel Honey WeissLeinenkugel4.9214912.0
Leinenkugel Northwoods LagerLeinenkugel4.9416315.3
Leinenkugel OriginalLeinenkugel4.6715213.9
Leinenkugel Creamy DarkLeinenkugel4.9417016.8
Leinenkugel RedLeinenkugel4.9416616.2
Leinenkugel LightLeinenkugel4.191055.7
Leinenkugel Amber LightLeinenkugel4.141107.4
Lowenbrau Dark5.2160
Lowenbrau Special Beer5.0160
Magnum Malt LiquorMiller5.615711.2
Michael SheasHigh Falls Brewing4.6214513.0
Michelob Amber BochAnheuser Busch5.216615.0
Michelob BeerAnheuser Busch5.015513.3
Michelob Golden DraftAnheuser Busch4.715214.1
Michelob Golden Draft LightAnheuser Busch4.11107.0
Michelob Honey LagerAnheuser Busch4.917517.9
Michelob LightAnheuser Busch4.31136.7
Michelob UltraAnheuser Busch4.1952.6
Mickeys Fine Malt LiquorMiller5.615711.2
Miller Genuine DraftMiller4.714313.1
Miller Genuine Draft LightMiller4.21107
Miller High LifeMiller4.714313.1
Miller High Life LightMiller4.21107
Miller LiteMiller4.2963.2
Milwaukees BestMiller4.512811.4
Milwaukees Best LightMiller>4.5983.5
Milwaukee's Best IceMiller5.91447.3

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