S.O.T. = Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique
R.G.C.C. = Research Genetic Cancer Centre Ltd. Does The Testing

The R.G.C.C. tests are designed to assess which types of cancer treatments will be most effective for a specific person and type of cancer. After the test identifies the most effective cancer treatment the Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique may then be administered (see below).

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R.G.C.C. Test Names

R.G.C.C. Test Costs Are Based On The EURO. To U.S. $ Exchange Rates

Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique (SOT)

To Find A Doctor That Does S.O.T. In Your Area
Call Gaby Or Bobbie At 214-299-9449
To Make An Appointment For S.O.T.
Call One Of The Following Doctors:

Cancer Center For Healing
Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.
6 Hughes
Suite 100
Irvine, California 92618
S.O.T. Information: Website

Integrative & Functional Health Center
Dr. Ray Hammon D.C., N.D.
3101 Main St.
Rowlett, Texas 75088
S.O.T. Information: Website

Quantum Functional Medicine
Dr. Juergen Winkler, M.D.
6120 Paseo Del Norte
Suite L-2
Carlsbad, California 92011
S.O.T. Information: Website

Health & Wellness Of Carmel
Dr. Clifford Fetters, M.D.
11900 N. Pennsylvania St.
Suite #200
Carmel, Indiana 46032
S.O.T. Information: Website

Julie Anderson, ARNP
4757 36th Ave. S.
Suite #2
Seattle, Washington 98118
S.O.T. Information: Website

Silver Institute For Life Medicine
Dr. Dean R. Silver, M.D., M.D.H.
7420 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd.
Suite #126
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
S.O.T. Information: Website

Arizona Center For Advanced Medicine
Dr. Martha Grout, N.D.
10200 N. 92nd St.
Suite #120
Scotsdale, Arizona 85258
S.O.T. Information: Website

Florida Integrative Medical Center
Dr. John Monhollon, M.D.
2415 University Parkway
Suite #218
Sarasota, Florida 34243
S.O.T. Information: Website

The Genesis Center
Dr. Hank Sloan, N.D.
104 Colony Park Dr.
Bldg. 104 - Suite #800
Cumming, Georgia 67894
S.O.T. Information: Website

Houston Wellness Clinic
George Allibone, M.D.
4545 Post Oak Place
Houston, Texas 77015
S.O.T. Information: Website

Tri-Life Health
Roger Billiva, M.D.
2362 E. Prospect
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525
S.O.T. Information: Website

360 Medicine
Russell Canfield, M.D.
66 Avenida Aldea
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507
S.O.T. Information: Website

Pacific Integrative Medicine
Kevin Gibson, N.D.
1481 S. King Street
Suite #501
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
S.O.T. Information: Website

Anatara Medicine
Ahvie Herskowitz, M.D.
1700 California Street
Suite #520
San Francisco, California 94109
S.O.T. Information: Website

Hope Wellness Center
Steven Hines, N.D.
2118 W.Beauregard
San Angelo, Texas 76901
S.O.T. Information: Website

Integrative Medical Options
Robert La Cava, M.D.
305 N. 2nd Street
St. Charles, Illinois 60174
S.O.T. Information: Website

Mountainview Wellness Centre
Caleb Ng, N.D.
3566 King George Blvd.
Surrey, British Columbia V4P 185
S.O.T. Information: Website

Multispecialty Medical Clinic
Michael Taylor, D.C., N.M.D.
3808 E. 51st Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135
S.O.T. Information: Website

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