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Excessive Flem In The Throat

Flem in the throat is nothing but a viscous fluid that is present in the throat which we cough out very often in our routine life. Normally flem is produced by the mucus linings of the respiratory tract, it amounts to 20 to 50 ml which we cough out or swallow regularly. It helps to keep the inhaled air moist and restrict the entry of dust particles and infection entering the lungs.

But in certain illnesses the secretion of the mucus membrane of the respiratory tract increases and more flem is produced, which may get stuck in the throat giving you a constant feeling of irritation, you would like to clear your throat more often than it used to be normally.

What Causes Flem In Throat?

Here Are Some Common Causes Associated With Flem In The Throat

Home Remedies For Flem In Throat

Before availing remedies for flem in throat, it is important to strengthen and boost your immune system. Depression, stress pull down your immune system and make conducive environment for the viruses and bacteria to invade the respiratory tract. Therefore relax and rest a bit from your regular and strenuous work schedule. Eat healthy food and stay away from eating all those junk food preparations.

Eat fruits and green leafy vegetables which contain vitamin C, as this vitamin is known to boost your immune system and prevent from colds and other viral infections. It is also necessary for you to maintain personal hygiene, wash your hands before meals. Keep a distance from persons, who are suffering from cold as the virus can settle in your respiratory tract by kissing, or sharing common handkerchief and other articles.

Here Are Some Simple Home Remedies To Treat Flem In The Throat:

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